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Our devotion to creative and unconventional thinking with unwavering determination to deliver measurable results makes PWOM what it is. We are a Marcom Solutions company triggering “Positive Word of Mouth” for brands.

Online marketing strategy and planning

Our strategies are our forte in delivering great results to our clients. Careful process of Marcom thinking, Market research and survey and having empathy towards the defined audience enables us to develop ground breaking effective campaigns for our clients.

Social Media Marketing

We help you to carry the brand message to your targeted customer through careful selection of integrated social network with ideal segmentation to ensure greater conversion rate with higher return on investment.

Web Designing, Development and SEO

Websites only for desktop screens are old school!! It’s time to re-work on websites to be more user friendly and appealing to your customer rather than keep them waiting for a loading page.

Online analytics and research

Understanding the market dynamics is key before crafting a marketing execution. Moreover, having continuous evaluation on an ongoing marketing exercise is important to know the current standing. We, PWOM, deliver clients pre, ongoing and post campaign reporting to keep our clients well informed of the status of the campaigns.

Online content management and development

We develop material and content for your online campaigns according to platform guidelines to communicate your brand message in an effective and creative manner, which suits best for your brand in maintaining brand personality, guidelines and uniformity.

Video productions

Unconventional videos to be touched upon – 360, virtual tour. We are fledged with a team of experts and equipment to deliver the video content for designated campaigns. Corporate AV  |  Commercials  |  Viral Video  | Documentary | 360video  |  graphical virtual tour  |  2D / 3D Video

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